Irwin Chusid
“Irwin Chusid is a tedious ideologue with a hustle.”
Robert Christgau, Village Voice

“Irwin Chusid is not a lawyer, but simply an ambitious individual. He refuses to provide an address, so you understand that he is not a responsible person.”
Bernard Stollman, Oct 30, 2014

“Irwin has moxie.”
Gaylord Fields, Oct. 16, 2017

“I’m SO happy that you’re on the radio, because even if you’re not as pretty as Rachel Maddow, I do find you easier to look at nonetheless.”
— Frankie Montevideo, Nov. 16, 2016

“Irwin is a good student, but he has a tendency to wander away from the group.”
— 1st grade report card, Hawthorne Avenue School, Newark NJ

“Irwin Chusid: Writer, Record Producer, Radio Personality & Bon Vivant” (Scholarly Library of Facts about Domestic & Worldwide Zionist Criminality)

“Mr. Chusid has chosen for reasons which remain obscure, to engage in defamation against me and this company, internet bullying, and tortious interference. We should like to send him the customary letter before action, as we are minded to litigate on this matter. At the same time, his rather odd insulting and menacing emails and chasing around social media, has all been reported formally to Police Scotland, who are taking quite an interest, and will no doubt also write in due course.”
— Joe Foster Ruiz, Jan. 14, 2018

“It is Groundhogs Day in Puerto Rico. Yes it is! If you recall, we had a spirited debate on the meaning of Ground Hogs Day in Puerto Rico in the elevator of a small department store, that I neither have the gumption or the gumption to name at the moment. Spring is near a few of friends say. I don’t think email is the proper medium to convey my anger about how the music community downplays the differences in certain animal-revelatory prognostications. When we met (via a mutual friend who adores your radio show) I enjoyed your humor, and they way I suspected you removed yourself emotionally to what Groundhogs day has come to mean in PR, particularly with the many important referendums coming up. When I first heard the song ‘Groundhogs Day In Puerto Rico,’ I wanted to retire from years of bagging ‘X.’ As I told you during our only encounter, there is something lethally beautiful about the way certain predictions become their shadows. I owe you Irwin, a great apology, or a hug.”
— Domenic Maltempi, Feb. 2, 2013

Updated: January 22, 2020