Recommended Links

“Older people tend to be interested in the world around them. Young people
spend most of their time listening to music and masturbating.” — Rob Long

soldier-markerSupport America’s active-duty military personnel and vets:
Soldier’s Angels: including Project Valour-IT
The Freedom 13 Veteran’s Retreat Project
K9s for Warriors: The nation’s largest provider of Service Dogs for disabled American veterans
The Raider Project: connects combat vets with other vets to aid smooth, peaceful, successful transition into the private sector
Camp Hope (PTSD Foundation of America)
USA Cares: helping post-9/11 military families with financial & advocacy support
Gallant Few Helping vets transition to civilian life
Spirit of America: Help US Troops Win Hearts & Minds
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund: help Marines, sailors, and their families meet financial needs
Purple Heart Foundation: Military Order of the Purple Heart fundraising in support of vets programs and services
Pin-Ups for Vets: raising funds for hospitalized American Veterans
Paralyzed Veterans of America: do I need to spell it out?
Fisher House: helping military families
Move America Forward: another great support-the-troops via charitable assistance organization
The Gary Sinise Foundation: serving our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need
Photography by Daniel Chusid
My San Diego bro’s photo galleries
Laura Lindgren, Book Designer
Laura has designed all six of my books. I never want to work with another book designer.
Blast Books
Fascinating illustrated books on cultural and historical phenomena
Laura Lindgren and Ken Swezey, Publishers
Leroy Shield tribute site
The uncredited composer behind Hal Roach film music
JB Spins
Jazz and improvised politics.
The Bran Flakes
Smile. Happy. Fun. Kitty. Pillow. Cloud. Love. Eraser?
One Flake’s site:
Otis also does web design: Example7
Amy Annelle
“A desert troubadour with a dark and compelling vision”
Drew Friedman Fine Art Prints
A gallery works by the iconic illustrator
The Society of American Baseball Research (SABR)
Why did Brooklyn catcher Bill Bergen, who batted .170 lifetime,
last 11 seasons in the bigs? For those who are curious.
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language
Jim Linderman’s Vintage Sleaze, Dull Tool Dim Bulb, and Old Time Religion
John Strausbaugh on Linderman’s predilections: Mining the Margins of Pop Culture
Moondog’s Corner
Paying tribute to the idiosyncratic Louis Thomas Hardin
Letters of Note
Shaun Usher: “an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos”
Basta Audio-Visuals
Home of the Beau Hunks, Raymond Scott, and other fine artists
Maria Levitsky: Photos About Architecture
Interiors, staircases, night scenes, and ghosts photographed by my WFMU colleague
Alasdair MacLean: From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica
Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter (The Clientele, Amor de Dias): blogs about paintings, music, photography, literature, shadows and light
Shari Elf: Good and Sturdy Art
Art from trash. Recycling done right.
Bob Thompson
An overlooked genius of 1950s-60s Space Age Pop
D. Gorton
Photographer and documentarian of Rural America
Jan Staller
Another fine photographer
All About the Optigan
Pea Hicks chronicles Mattel’s obsolete parlor organ, the cheapest sound around.
Scarfolk Council
A blog about a town in Northwest England that has not progressed beyond 1979 in years. For more information, re-read the preceding sentence.

Updated: May 28, 2024