“I don’t normally watch TV news, because when I do I can practically feel myself getting dumber.” – Cathy Seipp

Finding Rare Music: An Interview with Irwin Chusid
by Spenser Thompson, Bob Thompson Music Blog (2015)
Interview with Irwin Chusid, administrator for the Sun Ra estate
by Christopher Eddy, the Sun Ra Arkive blog (2014)
Circle Machines and Sequencers: The Untold Story of Raymond Scott’s Pioneering Instruments
By Jeff Winner and Irwin Chusid
Electronic Musician magazine (2000)
Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn
A Journal
KeyofZ.com (2002-2003)
Flora in Twilight
New York Press (1998)
Jandek: The Ultimate Disconnect
LCD #22, WFMU (1999)
Excelsior, You Fathead! – Remembering Jean Shepherd
LCD #25, WFMU (2000)
The History of Space Age Pop
Liner notes to Space Age Pop Vol. 1: Melodies and Mischief (RCA, 1995)
The Awful Cherry Sisters
LCD (online), WFMU (1997)

Updated: March 25, 2021